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Why your vote matters: For the Republicans …

Republicans: Let’s kick up the dust and take back Nevada County from the left!

Why does it matter whether we elect Republicans, since many of us pride ourselves on choosing the person over the party. Here are some reasons: 1. We’ll repair your roads; 2. Deliver clean water; 3. Less fees and regulations; 4. Less intrusion into your life; 5. Create jobs.

The left believes in bigger government (NH 2020). They believe in doing for us what we really can do for ourselves like taking ownership of our private property, when we can be good stewards of our own land. The leftists love new hidden taxes and fees. They also want the village to raise your children. We take responsibility to raise our own families.

Nevada County is overwhelmingly Republican. There were 26,191 registered Republicans in Nevada County as of Jan. 4. The next largest party has 18,634 members. Many liberal Democrats or Greens get elected to local offices because their party identification is not listed in the voter pamphlet. They tell you what you want to hear to get elected. Then after the election they do things you would never have voted for, like NH 2020. Don’t be fooled. Be sure to vote for quality Republican candidates at every level on March 5. We can take back Nevada County if you read this article, decide to make it happen, and share this information with others.

The March 5 election is almost upon us. When you cast your vote, you can do more than simply help nominate Republican candidates for state and federal office. You can elect solid Republican candidates to many local “non-partisan” offices as well.

Electing Republicans to local offices is the best way you can help put Republican ideals of lower taxes, smaller government, education reform and personal responsibility into action.

At Clerk Recorder Lorraine Jewett-Burdick’s recent fund-raiser the audience clearly understood that she is truly unbiased when it comes to political parties, although Lorraine is a registered Republican. Lorraine has an opponent who has a history of working on and organizing campaigns for politicians on the left. I consider Lorraine to be impartial and fair in her position as incumbent Clerk Recorder.

The only Republican running is Drew Bedwell for District 3 Supervisor. Drew has worked hard to prevent our Supervisors from putting in another layer of government and regulations called NH 2020. Let’s vote for Drew Bedwell. Call your friends and family who live in District 3 (Grass Valley). Let them know Drew is the Republican who can help bring back balance to the Board of Supervisors.

In District 4 there are three Republicans running. Remember that our goal is to unseat the present Supervisor. Robin Sutherland, Michael Harris and Rene Antonson are your choices.

We must vote Republican at all levels. The local level – the school boards, the fire districts, the water boards – are spring boards for people to be elected to higher offices. This is why it is important to research, ask questions and vote accordingly.

If you are a business owner, you must get involved in the decision making arena of your own county or city. We must take back Nevada County from the left! The business owners are a big part of a community and you are needed as decision makers. The livelihood of your business could depend on your involvement and that of other business owners.

Get out to vote March 5 and vote Republican!

Karen Chileski is chairwoman of the Nevada County Republican Central Committee

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