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Why toss the match?

In Pakistan’s elections last week, extremist Islamic parties were the big winners, Musharref, critical to U.S. foreign policy, is going to go.

Attacks against Americans in Kuwait, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Indonesia-Bali, against the French tanker in Yemen, the cauldron of the Gaza strip boiling over – not so many miles from the field of Armageddon -Hamas in Lebanon, suicide bombers.

The Middle East is a cluster of countries with vast populations that are restless, ready for revolution, and prevented in this by very little; the police and armies of their own countries.

We might remember Iran, how millions poured into the streets and swept one history away, started another.

Most of Iraq’s 21 million people were born and have been raised while Saddam was in power, have been taught that he is a hero. To believe they are ready to turn on him reminds one of our government telling us the people of North (and South) Viet Nam needed and wanted our liberating presence to rid them of an evil regime …

The Bush administration is now publicly contemplating an “American Military” government for post-war Iraq.

Does anyone really believe the Iraqi people and 98 percent of the surrounding Islamic world will not rise up in the face of this?

A war with Iraq will not be in the desert this time.

They have vowed to fight it out in the cities – urban warfare they hope to model after the American disaster in Somalia. There are about 5 million people in Baghdad, thousands of times over better armed than the Somali’s …

I can see Osama bin Laden, waiting, hoping that America attacks Iraq. It will ignite an inferno that will consume and reconfigure the Middle East.

How can we want what he wants?

Michael D. Peters

Grass Valley

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