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Why the fuss over Harry Potter?

I have one question to pose for all recent Opinion contributors who write regarding the dangers Harry Potter poses on our youth today: What is wrong with a child reading such novels if he or she has a solid, moral background and understands the difference between right and wrong, or good and evil?

During my formative years, my parents encouraged both me and my siblings to expand our minds through all forms of literature, and taught us that it is always necessary to read both sides of a story. What kind of contribution can a child make if he has only been exposed to an edited, “parent-friendly” version of the world? This world is full of light and shadow, good and evil, though most parents would rather not face that fact. Is it not better to see all shades of color (and make informed, quality choices) than to blindly follow only one ray of light?

Parents should rejoice in the fact that their children are now exercising their imaginations while reading these books, instead of stretching their fingers on a video game controller, or straining their eyes while zoning out in front of the television set.

It is also important to realize that Harry Potter books are just that: books. They are not truth, they do not contain some magical element that will suddenly change a person’s beliefs. They are not a social or political or religious commentary. They are simply works of art that came from the mind of a human being; it is your choice as to whether or not the author’s goal was to corrupt children around the world.

To all the upset parents out there: it would be a sad state of affairs if your child were to have so little interaction with you, and the real world, that their morality would actually be questioned because of a fictional novel. And to all the children:

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Lindsay Burgess

Penn Valley

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