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Who deserves credit?

In December 2001, the County Administrator Gaebler received a salary increase and bonus. Chairperson Izzy Martin defended the increased compensation stating his new budget process boosted the county’s fund balance reserves to $6 million. She credits Gaebler for the fund reserve increase. In the December Wildwood Independent Izzy stated: “I joined the board in 1999, and over these three years the county’s financial situation has dramatically improved … we have also increased our ‘rainy day fund’ to over $6 million, a 500 percent increase in reserves in just three years.” She is apparently taking credit for the reserves’ increase. Who should take credit? Gaebler or Izzy? So, I talked to county offices and found out that the reserve balances were: ’96-’97 $2 million, ’97-’98 $1 million, ’98-’99 $943,000, ’99-’00 $4.7 million, ’00-’01 $6.8 million and ’01- over $6 million. I asked what brought about the increase. Answer: an unusual amount of property transfers (higher property tax revenues) and good retail sales (sales tax revenue)! Hmmm. … which/who gets the credit?

In The Union article it was stated that the $10,000 bonus was for Gaebler’s performance goals requiring that he bring in new county revenues “that exceed his annual base salary and incentives by four” – over $520,000. When I asked the county for a list of the sources of “new revenues” Gaebler brought in, I was told “there is supposed to be such a list but no one has seen it”!

It’s time our Board of Supervisors and Gaebler provide information on:

1. Source and amount of “new revenues” ($520,000/year) produced by Gaebler’s efforts for the fiscal years he has been employed by the county.

2. Source and amount of revenue which produced the increase in the reserve fund (show property and sales tax revenue, Gaebler’s “new revenues” and Izzy Martin’s sources by fiscal year).

3. Schedule of total compensation to Gaebler (base salary, bonus, car allowance, deferred compensation, benefits and other perks) each year.

4. Performance goals expected of Gaebler other than new revenues.

Otherwise, The Union should uncover! The taxpayers deserve to know!!

Joe Vielbig

Penn Valley

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