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Whither American values?

What has happened to this county? We sit down to Sunday dinner only to have a lesbian tell us that wearing polyester is as bad as sexual immorality on Channel 11, FCAT.

We have a school system filled with gay radicals inferring that straight pride is hate, yet we are told girls are kissing each other behind the NU gym without interference. We have a blinking-eyed old man calling Republicans “evil” and a lisping young man soliciting trespassing and property damage to deal with NH 2020 opponents.

Our local newspaper then give credence to these stances by allowing a convicted criminal to solicit again trespassing and eco-terrorism as a means to stop logging up here.

In all of the 90,000 people who live here, most of them retired, how can the senior services be in need of volunteers if 60 percent of these residents are retired seniors? If our social leaders want Nevada County to remain a tourist town, why build low-income housing if the standard wage is far below any conceivable level helping the poor? Nationally, we have priests being jailed for pedophilia, yet our higher learning establishment published a book touting pedophilia as normal. Women are allowed total control over their bodies, yet men are randomly assigned financial responsibility even though they aren’t the fathers. Women want equality, yet only men must register to die through a mandatory draft. Ninety percent of all prisons contain men who come from single-mother families, yet we applaud lesbians who adopt.

While you all feel good about where and who you are, may God deal with those who remain silent.

Mike Harris

Penn Valley

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