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Whiners need to find something better to do

Whiners need to find something better to do

I have some things to say to those people whining about Rene Antonson’s write-in campaign.

To the woman who was the Republican Central Committee chairperson, your tactics divided and confused the Republican voters in ’98. If you had supported Rene, Izzy would never have been elected and NH 2020 wouldn’t exist. You and your friends helped make it happen. I’m glad you stepped down. Too bad you didn’t take your friends with you.

To the man in Lake Wildwood who says there’s lots of “questions” about Rene and urges us to vote for Robin, I have a few questions for you. Why should I vote for Robin? Where is her record of involvement? What did she do to fight NH 2020? What’s she done for the county? Where’s she been since she won the primary? Can you show me ANYTHING she’s done? Whose side would you be on if Rene had gotten the party support he deserved?

To the man in Penn Valley, if you’re going to attempt a character assassination, at least TRY to get it right. It takes two CONSECUTIVE terms as supervisor to get the “perks” at five years. Rene doesn’t qualify.

To all the rest of you complaining about Rene, why don’t you spend your time uncovering the truth about Robin instead of inventing lies about Rene? He has the right to do what he’s doing, whether you like it or not. If Robin needs Rene’s votes to beat Izzy, she should EARN THEM!

I have a suggestion. Why not use your 350 words to convince Robin to get off her rear end and WORK for her votes instead of YOU crying about Rene ruining her chances? Maybe then there’d be some VALID reason to vote for her. But hey, that’s just my opinion; you do what you want. I’m sticking with Rene.

David Friedrichsen

Grass Valley

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