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Where real greed lies

Regarding the recent letters by leading environmentalists complaining about the Forest Talk, I offer the following suggestion: Plan your own.

Not that the talk was one sided to begin with. The complaints about pro-logging are from people with ingrained notions that cutting trees for human uses is wrong. One environmental writer went so far as to call the attending audience naive. Nice. You people are so focused in stopping all forest management that someone with a different view is called biased or naive; while people who make a living in providing a renewable resource to the public are labeled as cronies or greedy. Open minded? Not!

The only contribution people like you make to society is more paperwork for land managers and more money for environmental attorneys, which is why many of you become involved in the first place. Your primary goals are to lock out all commercial uses from all federal lands. Even a “naive” person should begin to wonder where the real greed lies.

Here are some suggestions for speakers and topics for your upcoming: “Enviro View About the Forest: Believe it Or Else.”

Yuba Nation: Tree sitting. How to determine if a marked tree means cut or leave. How to acquire outside funding to pay for trespass fees and court costs associated with protests.

John Muir Project: Fire behavior 1A. When is a dead tree really dead? Also, proving the earth is indeed flat.

Sierra Club: Ending commercial logging on public lands (and everywhere else for that matter).

Environmental attorneys: How to appeal government projects using trivial demands- and get paid by the government to do it!

Straw/hemp – forest products of the future: Where do we grow all this stuff? When we harvest it, do we still call that a clearcut?

Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign: Economics 1A. How eliminating the supply of a renewable resource can actually decrease demand. Also, spotting naive people.

Special guest speakers:

Ted Turner: (largest private landowner in the United States) How to get away with land management atrocities by funding environmental groups.

Bill Clinton: Last-minute land grabs for my legacy.

Doug Praetzel


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