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Where are allies?

Has anybody noticed that our only real ally in Iraq, the British, have reduced their troop level from 46,000 to 6,800? Other than some token troops from some coerced countries, the U.S. has been completely abandoned by the entire world. Bush must now ask himself: “Am I insane or are the rest of the civilized world nuts?” Are he, Darth Vader and Rummy still eating those “Patriot Fries”? Maybe the French knew something we didn’t. Cannot be – what would Old Europe know about foreign policy? Of course, Poland and the Ukraine are also gone.

So there is King George holding the trillion-dollar bag after invading and occupying a country that was never a threat and then blaming it all on poor George Tenant. Bush’s Jeffersonian democracy (sitting on a trillion barrels of oil) is looking more and more like a surrogate state of Iran. To add insult to injury, the Emperor is now going on another national pep rally, telling us “victory” is just around the corner. Right-wing radio has been crowing about how well the Iraqi economy is doing. I should hope so after dumping $500 billion in that hell-hole with another $500 billion on the way. All this while, 50 million Americans do not have health insurance.

Michael Schwalm

Penn Valley

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