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Well-regulated = well-armed

The word “regulated” in the Second Amendment does not mean that the right to bear arms can be regulated with laws which would infringe the natural right to bear arms; instead, it means the militia (all people) need to be well-armed.

“A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

Rights are self-evident and God-given, not granted by the Constitution. It is a self-evident right that all free men, (even felons and loons) have the right to self-defense. If certain people are truly dangerous, then they should not be let out of jail in the first place. All the 25,000 or more gun laws are unconstitutional.

Those who advocate gun control are really advocating mass-murder, and in two ways. First, all laws are enforced by threat of deadly force. So when they press for laws banning guns, they are really advocating killing gun owners who will not give up rights without a fight. Second, genocide only becomes possible after society is first disarmed. In many cases, governments have slaughtered millions of their own people after passing gun confiscation laws, most notably Hitler.

People who advocate gun control are mentally imbalanced, fearful, and hypocrites. Several famous advocates of gun control, and complete gun confiscation, have personal armed bodyguards!

I recognize that for a safe society and less gun deaths, sometimes we have to kill people. After all, we put criminals in jail, and give murderers the death sentence. But let’s be rational about it, and prosecute the few evil men who commit violent crimes, not the 80 million peaceful gun owners in America. Neither “concealed carry” nor “brandishing” is a real crime; both happen when bearing arms.

A safe society is an armed society! The attack on Sept. 11 would have been impossible if enough passengers on the airplanes were carrying guns.

Let’s put the real criminals in jail. Why not bring charges of treason against the judges who violate their oaths of office and violate the Second Amendment in their rulings?

Jason Hommel

Grass Valley

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