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‘We the People’: Open your eyes

To the “common” men and women of America, the working class citizens of the United States that make up the vast majority of “We the People”:

In a time when true representation is extremely hard to come by, if not impossible to find, working class America must take the time to examine the government officials who were elected to represent us before we vote ourselves out of existence.

We now have a Republican House, Senate, president and administration that have been voted into office by “We the People.” We will soon see the Republican agenda laid out before us, and we must keep our eyes open to see whether these politicians truly represent us “common” men and women.

As the Republican agenda is laid out, do not be too surprised. Who they represent has never been a secret. Many items we can expect to see on the agenda. We can expect to see the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge opened for the drilling of oil – representation for Big Oil. We can expect to see offshore oil drilling reopened and increased – Big Oil. We can expect to be at war with Iraq very quickly – Big Oil and Big Business with military contracts. We can expect the military budget to continuously increase to astronomical amounts as the open-ended threat of terror is never extinguished – Big Business with military contracts.

We can expect the passing of legislation in favor of HMOs, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies. And we can expect to wait a lot longer before “We the People” ever see affordable health care and affordable prescription drugs. We can expect to have no support for our labor unions – the bloodline of the working class – and may even see the demise of some of our strongest labor unions, beginning with the Longshoreman’s Union. We can expect clean water regulations to be lifted and air quality control regulations to be eased.

Finally, we can expect the passing and creation of the new Homeland Security Agency, giving our President the unlimited power to hire and fire as he pleases, giving no rights to its employees and “securing” first that “We the People” never find out the truth behind 9/11.

We can expect the creation of an agency that will first “secure” that “We the People” never learn about why our intelligence agencies were the only agencies in the modernized world to claim to have no prior knowledge to the attacks despite several detailed warnings from every intelligence agency in the modernized world. We can be assured that this Homeland Security Agency will “secure” that “We the People” never learn of a plan already set out prior to 9/11 to invade Afghanistan and overthrow the Taliban (a plan appalling to the public until 9/11) or the truth about the need for a trans-Afghanistan oil pipeline to lay claim to the oil rights purchased in Turkmenistan and other Central Asian countries by Big Oil Companies in the early 1990s – A project the Taliban favored giving to an Argentinean oil company.

Yes, America, we can expect the unhindered enactment of the Republican agenda by the government voted in by “We the People.” As our government carries out these actions, working class America needs to think long and hard about who truly represents us. We need to think beyond the smoke-screen issues used to deceive us into thinking that we are being represented – issues such as tax cuts that appease us and quiet the voices of the working class with insignificant $300 tax benefits, while the American elite and corporate America saves billions.

We need to look beyond decoys of representation, such as gun control, where we are made to believe that the government will come and knock on your door demanding that you turn over your gun – something that has never happened in the United States and never will.

Lastly, we need to look more deeply into the effort to get our votes based on our moral convictions on the topic of abortion – an issue that has not changed in 30 years and won’t change for another 30 years. They confuse us with an issue they know cannot be won legally but rather should be fought in our homes, in our schools and in our neighborhoods with programs the Republicans would happily eliminate; not in the courtroom.

So, to the vast majority of proud American citizens that make up “We the People,” open your eyes! Look and examine the actions of those who represent us. Do not let their actions go by unnoticed, or the next time “We the People” speak out at an election, our voices will be informed voices, and “We the People” will be represented. For when a people cease to be represented, soon after they cease to exist.

Shane Valdez of Grass Valley is a teacher at Silver Springs High School and a wrestling coach at Nevada Union High School

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