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We can all contribute to calming traffic

I live in the City of Grass Valley and spend most of my driving time right here in the county. Like everyone, I have been aware of the great increase of numbers of cars on our streets and roads, and the traffic problems that this has caused. On Sept. 25, I attended a workshop sponsored by the Grass Valley Traffic Safety Review Committee, held at Condon Park.

I wish more people had attended, as it seemed to me that the city employees, the City Council and the Planning Commission are all very serious about implementing ways to “calm our traffic.”

Many of the solutions they suggested at this meeting will be difficult to implement, either because of cost or due to our historically narrow streets. Unfortunately, the only way to get from “here to there” in Grass Valley means that we must drive through “neighborhoods.”

The greatest problem in my “neighborhood” is that some drivers drive much faster than the posted 25 mph. Sure, I wish more of us would ride the bus or walk to school and work, but I don’t see that happening to any great extent. Most of the “fast drivers” are really just ourselves in another neighborhood. They are the “late-to-work-people” or the “late-to-school-students” or the “busy-not-thinking-next-door-neighbor.” They’re not criminals or wicked people. They are just us. If we could just start out a bit earlier and pretend that each neighborhood is “our” neighborhood, maybe we can avoid higher taxes to “calm” our traffic.

Janet West

Grass Valley

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