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Was it just revenge? Who’s really to blame?

A couple a weeks ago, four firefighters and two policemen from New York went to Afghanistan. They were on an official mission to thank our military for avenging the dead at the World Trade Center … and they did: 3,767 Afghan civilian casualties (still counting), against the 2,936 at the WTC. Data on Afghanistan is from the University of New Hampshire and can be seen online at

Fighting terrorism with B57s is a new concept, a present from our current administration and a prerequisite for the zero-death war concept. This will dramatically improve the way the people around the world perceive us.

A reminder that none of the 19 suicide plotters on Sept. 11 were from Afghanistan. As a matter of fact, most were trained in Florida and were from Saudi Arabia, a country we shower with dollars, not bombs, but that can change quickly (ask the Taliban).

We live in a strange country, where it’s more dangerous to be a taxi driver during peace time (especially in Los Angeles, New York or Phoenix) than a military man or woman in time of war.

Well, the network we are trying to destroy has allegedly spread to some 60 countries, so we have 59 more to go. Definitely, W. will need a second term. This should be no problem with the kind of obscene approval ratings he is getting. Amazing, isn’t it, that we like our presidents best when they lead us to war! I will caution you, though: W. recently advised India and Pakistan to resort to negotiations rather than war over the Kashmir dispute. Interesting new concept! Is W. going to now live by what he preaches? This would make a lot of oil and armament “bidnessmen” mad!

Happy new year.

Alain Lazard

Nevada City

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