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War on Iraq a distraction from other, serious problems

War on Iraq a distraction from other, serious problems

Is it possible that when Bush and Cheney march (not personally, alas) into Iraq to dislodge Saddam Hussein, they will be in step while the rest of the world isn’t? Have they thought this out? Wouldn’t the brute Hussein gain stature among the zealous as the defender of Islam against the infidel? Wouldn’t recruiting into Jihadis, al-Qaida, Hamas, etc., increase? Wouldn’t that be counterproductive? How about the expenses, money badly needed elsewhere, irreplaceable lives of both the innocent and the conscripted?

How can these fools consider such folly? Cheney’s dire forecasts are not shared by Iraq’s neighbors (including Israel), Europe (even Blair sounds unconvinced), statesmen from former administrations, members of their own party and administration. So, how?

A tempting explanation is distraction. We watch as CEOs (the cronies, after all, of an administration that boasted of its corporate experience) are handcuffed. We grow nervous as our constitutional rights erode by the lack of compassionate (yes, compassionate) attention paid to health care; the environment; and racial, social and gender issues. The grotesque imbalance grows between the haves and the have nots globally and nationally, a shameful and dangerous trend. Our budget surplus slips away. Thanks to world-record per-capita incarcerations, our court and penal systems choke. Education takes the back seat. I haven’t the heart to continue this list.

So. Let’s have a war.

Might makes right, right?

John Barrow

Grass Valley

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