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War on animals needs to end

A great debate rages across America over the justification for invading Iraq. Americans question whether disarming and displacing Saddam Hussein justifies the death of American and Iraqi combatants and countless innocent civilians. But there can be no justification for the war on animals conducted every day against billions of innocent farm animals by the U.S. meat industry.

Each year, more than 10 billion cattle, pigs, sheep and other innocent, feeling animals are caged, crowded, deprived, drugged, mutilated and manhandled in U.S. factory farms.

“Veal” calves are torn from their mothers at birth, chained by the neck for 16 weeks in tiny, filthy wood crates. Breeding sows are encased for three years in metal “gestation stalls.” Laying hens are crammed five to seven birds into “battery cages” the size of a folded newspaper, with wire mesh floors and walls that cut their feet and tear out their feathers.

The animals are transported in crowded trucks with no protection against weather extremes and many die in transit. Even slaughter doesn’t end their agony. They may be skinned, dismembered, gutted, scalded and drowned by slaughterhouse workers while still conscious.

Oct. 2 marks the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who once said “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” This date is observed in hundreds of communities throughout the U.S. and 20 other countries as World Farm Animals Day. Caring folks arrange exhibits, information tables, lectures, leafleting, picketing and vigils. They open the eyes, the hearts and the minds of the American people to the tragedy of animal agriculture and to the consumers’ subsidy of this tragedy at the supermarket checkout counter.

Each one of us can resolve today to end this subsidy be refraining from purchasing meat, dairy, and other products of our war against the animals.

Gary Ulrich

Grass Valley

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