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War is terror

I am deeply concerned about the military policies being pursued by President Bush. I feel he is taking us down the road to self destruction. It is folly to unilaterally assume the role of world policeman. Doing so will foster resentment and mistrust. Furthermore, by “going it alone” we incur huge military costs unnecessarily.

And how do these militaristic policies solve the problem of terrorism? The idea that a policy of economic and military dominion could help make terrorism extinct is particularly ludicrous when one considers that such policies have been precisely the catalyst for terrorism in the past. Even our impressive campaign of late has been far from endearing for most of the people of Afghanistan. Let us not forget that war is terror. The strategists know that by controlling information and sanitizing the war, they can more easily ignore the gruesome fact that many thousands of ordinary people have been killed by our bombs. Yet these are the acts that perpetuate the cycle of hatred and retaliation.

We must not let fear be the catalyst for a flawed foreign policy. We cannot succeed with a policy which is based upon justification for one evil out of fear that we may become victims of another. While we are being swept along by our passions, we are blindly wrecking havoc upon social programs, environmental programs, our economic future, and the very civil rights afforded by our Constitution. We are creating enemies faster than we can bomb them, destroying the trust that takes years to build, and planting the seeds for a whole new generation of terrorists. The Bush policy is making bin Laden the victor.

We can do more to stop terrorism by nurturing a humanitarian, civil, global community than by waging war. We need to begin removing the seeds of terrorism rather than sowing them. We must rise above the cycle of destruction that the terrorists so gleefully draw us towards and stand for higher values. Our actions should be for the rule of law, not the rule of force.

Military action should only be an action of last resort.

Ralph Silberstein

Grass Valley

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