Voters face a myriad of issues come Tuesday |

Voters face a myriad of issues come Tuesday

Democrats and Independents unite. As a former moderate Republican who has converted to Democrat, I urge all working people to vote for Phil Angelides. He is an honest man.

As state treasurer, he stood up for the people and was a leader in the fight to end corporate abuse (remember Enron?) and to restore integrity to our financial system. He stopped state business dealing sand investments with bogus offshore companies. He fought for a balanced budget and invested the state’s money wisely, earning solid returns while he was treasurer. He advocates a middle class tax cut and will be an excellent governor for working people. He will not sell the governor’s office to the insurance companies, who, with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s help, continue to gouge small businesses and working people alike.

I recommend we all vote for Phil Angelides, a man of vision who wants to restore California to a position of leadership in this great nation.

Brad Welton

Nevada City


Dear parents: I am urging you all to vote yes on Prop. 85 which would require doctors to wait 48 hours after they have notified parents before performing an abortion on their minor child. Don’t worry if you’re a parent that bought into Planned Parenthood’s campaign of brainwashing parents into the mainstream thought of “what about the poor child that can’t talk to their parents?” Your kid can still get off campus for birth control, and all the rest. This just refers to abortion. Don’t forget in health care money talks and Planned Parenthood is well-funded. Use common sense and don’t forget the teenage brain is not fully-myelinated until around age 25. Your teenager needs you more than you know.

Jean Gregory

Grass Valley


As Nov. 7 nears, I want to urge you to vote for Jim Adams for the Area Two Nevada Joint Union High School Board. Jim’s activity within our community is only surpassed by his dedication to the students of our community. He has been very involved at Nevada Union, and is well liked by students and faculty. He is a proven leader and will only add to our current board. At a crucial time such as this is for our schools, Jim Adams is the best choice for Area Two.

Kelly Lapham

Penn Valley


Two years ago, the Placer County Republican Central Committee blindsided the Sierra College Board of Trustees by endorsing two unqualified, young politicians and leveraging them into their “nonpartisan” offices through obscenely large campaign contributions. We have all been witness to the resulting chaos and disruption at Sierra.

This election season, the committee is attempting to manipulate the two Sierra trustee elections in an equally hypocritical way. It endorsed Lamont Royer on the grounds that he is the only Republican in the Area 5 race, a weak justification at best for a nonpartisan post. But there are two Republicans running in Area 6 (incumbent Nancy Palmer and staunch conservative Republican Martin Harmon). No such justification exists, but they endorsed Palmer anyway. One can only guess that Harmon just isn’t Republican enough.

The roar of its hypocrisy is deafening. Clearly the committee will stoop to any depths to maintain its partisan domination of the Sierra Board.

Hopefully, this time, the voters will not be fooled.

Follow the advice of respected Republicans Robert Weygandt, Barbara Vineyard and many others. Vote for Bill Martin (Area 5) and Martin Harmon (Area 6) to return the board majority to honest, nonpartisan stewardship.

Joanne Neft

Cheryl Maki



Please vote no on Prop 86. The $2.60 per pack tobacco tax proposition is a smoke screen by the hospitals. I consider myself a huge tobacco cessation advocate and maybe a cigarette tax is the way to go to improve the health of the community, but this tax does not.

Forty percent of the revenue goes to the hospitals (for profit or not for profit), for them to spend or not spend as they see fit. Only 10 percent goes toward smoking cessation programs. Even after the huge settlement with big tobacco, patients (both insured and un-insured) can’t get the medications they may need to quit smoking unless they pay cash.

This revenue should also go to help pay for the enormous cost to our society as well as tobacco related illness both acute and chronic. I believe these revenues are not earmarked appropriately; individuals, other than doctors should be allocating this money. Virtually every county medical society in California opposes Prop. 86.

Garrett M. Eckerling

Grass Valley


We strongly encourage voters to consider Tom Anderson for judge. He has the support of a majority of his peers, of many judges and of all who know him personally and professionally.

Tom has the characteristics and demeanor to be a great judge. His equanimity of thought, fair mindedness, compassion for all he meets and a willingness to listen before judgment will make him an excellent judge.

Tom will follow the intent of the law while asking, “how are society and this individual best served?”

We ask you to join us in voting for Tom Anderson.

Rohi and Monica Frohreich

Nevada City


The League of Conservation Voters lists John Doolittle at 0 percent in its environmental vote tally. That is the worst possible environmental vote record. He also voted for tax cuts for the super rich. These are just two less talked about reasons I don’t want him to represent me in Washington.

Joyce Banzhaf

Grass Valley


The latest error by the Elections Office will have people bemoaning the ineptness of our county officials. In my opinion the fault lies with those eligible to vote in this county. Just four months ago we had an election in which Clerk-Recorder Kathleen Smith could have been replaced. There had been errors in virtually every mailing since she took office. And yet she was re-elected.

The citizens of Nevada County, as well as those everywhere in our democratic nation, need to pay attention, work to be informed and then vote according to job performance. If you can’t take responsibility for your part in the democratic process, then it’s your own damn fault when you get incompetence.

Barbara Graves

Grass Valley


New rule. Any politician, support group or election campaign person, when interrupting our day with an unsolicited telephone call, must begin by announcing the home phone number of the person calling. Without that minimum courtesy, they or their cause must be removed from the ballot and made ineligible for election.

Since the majority of us have chosen to opt out of all other annoying telephone calls, who told those moronic politicians that their rude interruption of our personal time is OK? They must actually think they have something to say that we will be interested in.

Even if I care about the content of their campaign, I am not interested in putting aside whatever I am doing to hear a droll monotone recorded message.

If you cannot give me the respect of a return number by which I can get information when it is convenient for me, then you don’t have enough respect for me to expect my vote.

David Burns

Rough and Ready

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