Vote sooner rather than later? |

Vote sooner rather than later?

An NH 2020 analogy: Your kingdom has been invaded by a culture called United Nature, whose announced objective is to restore the whole earth to some earlier “natural” condition. News from other invaded lands tell of the new government’s inclination to favor animals and vegetation over humans. Some say it’s part of their effort to restore earth’s heritage of “balance” by inhibiting growth of population. There are even rumors of government steps to drive out or eliminate some of the present population.

But you’ve watched the new rulers, who are certainly friendly and say they only want to do what’s best for our kingdom. While there may be some links to groups from United Nature, they disavow any connection. So when they begin spending your taxes on preparing a public area “just to have it available … for some future activity,” this seems to be a good idea. It’s just good planning. Later, the rulers decide the area should have a platform built “just in case a public stage would be useful.” Shortly, a structure is added on top with an arm extending outward – “effective for displaying something to the populace.” Now you don’t understand where the rulers are headed with this and, even though your taxes are being spent on it, you don’t see anything terribly wrong.

They continue their manner of governing with no apparent direct effect on you until one day they single you out and invite you to go along with them to see their latest addition to the display arm. As you approach, surrounded by many of the ruler’s bureaucracy, you note the addition is a rope with a peculiar noose. You try to tell the rulers and the mob surrounding you that you’d just as soon not see a demonstration. But they insist on taking you to the platform and showing you how neatly the noose fits around your neck. You look down and see the trap door you’re standing on. Eureka! Now you know what the rulers had in mind for reducing the population. Let’s vote now, you shout!

Ken Simon

Grass Valley

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