Vote out hatred and special interests |

Vote out hatred and special interests

After reading a letter in the July 23 edition of The Union, I feel the need to speak out.

I believe everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Having said that, here’s my response to the accusations.

— Calvin Clark is not my campaign manager, nor is he my campaign advisor. Mr. Clark is an independent thinker and has a reputation for speaking his mind.

— I did not authorize Mr. Clark’s e-mail. It is ridiculous to say it was coordinated with the release of the story in The Union.

— I am not a bigot or racist. I have not and will not make an issue out of Ms. Sutherland’s Indian heritage. I only ask that people examine the candidates and judge them on merit and then decide who is best qualified.

— My campaign helpers are as diverse as America itself. Among them are American Indians, Germans, Portuguese, Italians, Irish , and a few others that can only be called “Heinz 57.” But we’re all Americans first.

— If elected I will not abuse the power of my office to block land use by anyone as long as it’s a legal use of the land in question. I will, on the other hand, fight for strict adherence to the county’s general plan and not grant favors, period.

Lastly, insinuating that my supporters and I are would-be “Night Riders” and supporters of “ethnic cleansing” proves this letter writer to be the real “jerk.”

I lived in France when the Nazis invaded and occupied it. I lost half my family to “ethnic cleansing.” I know how it feels to be persecuted and have family members killed. I lived that horror and when I came to America, it gave me a deep appreciation of how special this country and its people are.

In closing, I hope Ms. Sutherland will denounce the disgusting things said. We cannot tolerate his kind of hate-mongering. This might be what goes on in Chico, but it’s not right for Nevada County. Let’s vote special interests out in the next election.

Rene Antonson

Grass Valley

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