Vote for supporters of science-based forest management |

Vote for supporters of science-based forest management

Forest fire season is here again in Nevada County and the need to log and thin to save our overgrown, sick and dying forests from catastrophic wildfire is again an item of intense controversy.

Nevada County environmental lobbyists, as do most Sierra Club members, believe we can stop logging cold, and fire protection services can not only save our communities from fire, but set low intensity prescriptive burns to thin the forest.

Carl Pope, executive director of The Sierra Club, is even pushing a “no commercial logging” campaign in Congress to make sure no thinning occurs.

However, there is strong consensus among credible scientists that 100 years of fire suppression had led to a buildup of fuel in western forests that make them highly susceptible to devastating, unnatural ecosystem-destroying wildfire.

A short trip to view the incinerated and vacuumed moonscape caused by the Martis Fire will convince most anyone that what the scientists say is true; wildfires today are inflicting nightmarish wounds on our forest lands much worse than the very worst clear-cut could ever do.

Some logging is necessary to save our forests, but our local enviro lobbyists don’t see it that way. Where we see a thinning project to prevent wildfire, they see a logging sale, and as we have witnessed they will do whatever is necessary to stop all logging and thinning here in Nevada County.

What can we do? For starters, county elections are coming. Four out of five of our county supervisors are marching lock step with the Sierra Club and the urban enviro lobby by dismissing these people; installing moderates who support science-based forest management will go far to reinstate sound forest management practices.

However, be advised our local urban enviro lobbyists will be perfectly happy to spin the science and lose the forest as long as the money keeps rolling in.

Jon King


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