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Vincent the dictator

Don MacKenzie

Brian Vincent, the flamboyant representative of the Yuba Nation, recently wrote an article printed in The Union eschewing collaborative efforts in forest protection. He stated that he was not interested in compromise and that “tough measures and personal sacrifice may be necessary …” What exactly does he mean by tough measures and personal sacrifice? I shudder to think. What would our neighborhood look like if Mr. Vincent became dictator of the ecosystem?

He would have the power to remake a world to his liking; cleaning up all the nasty indications of human activity. The mandates of the environmental king would certainly include:

— Stop all logging, farming, and ranching.

— Break up all roads.

— Dismantle all bridges.

— Blow up all dams.

— Tear down all homes and structures where native species once lived (that means everywhere).

— Obliterate all non-native species.

— Plant native species.

— Reintroduce wolves and grizzly bear.

— And then, after the work is complete, remove human beings from the landscape. They can’t be allowed to mess up things again. Then Mr. Vincent can rest and call it good.

Get in line for the poison Kool-Aid. Could this be the sacrifice he has in mind? After all, there is “No compromise for Mother Nature.”

Don’t we have enough fanatic intolerance in the world? Forget Vincent Binladen. I prefer the democratic process that includes a collaborative effort. The web of life is not unraveling. No, the sky is not falling, Chicken Little. The earth is much more resilient than Mr. Vincent gives it credit. We need to continue working together to protect our resources and provide for our needs. And yes, this will include some compromises we can all live with.

Don MacKenzie

Nevada City


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