Vandalized signs: Where’s the freedom of speech? |

Vandalized signs: Where’s the freedom of speech?

It has come to my attention that between 8 p.m. Aug. 9 and 6 a.m. Aug. 10, the signs of a friend of mine, who lives on Perimeter Road, were vandalized. This was not the first time this has happened.

During the (attempted recall of Supervisor Elizabeth Martin), his signs were painted over and someone even tried to pull them over.

So much for this man’s right of freedom of speech.

The latest signs painted over read: “Don’t Get Bushwacky” and were in support of NH 2020 the Rural Quality Coalition and against the recall of Izzy Martin and “Closed-Door Meeting.”

On April 16 in The Union, Robin Sutherland wrote that she found this to be “a grossly offensive sign.” Is this vandalism Sutherland’s Republican answer to “we strongly support Constitutional rights” or maybe it was some of her supporters who ignored one persons “rights” to free speech to further their cause. Or perhaps it was someone from one of the organizations backing her, who vandalized these signs since they were pro-Rural Quality Coalition.

When some anti-NH 2020 signs were vandalized there was a big outcry from Drew Bedwell – CABPRO – and others. The Union gave quite a few column inches of print to that, but when Mr. Cleason wrote to The Union about this latest incident of vandalism to his signs, The Union declined to print his letter. Told him to resubmit it after Aug. 31. Which would then limit him to 100 words or less. To Mr. Cleason and myself, this is the same kind of dirty politics that The Union played during the recall in 1997. Trying to put their slant on what is printed.

Donald E. Minick

Grass Valley

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