USPS unfairly castigated |

USPS unfairly castigated

While I am not predisposed to defend the Postal Service when they take a little flak, I believe that your article (The Union’s Opinion of March 12) was a somewhat out of line. While I agree with the questions you raise regarding the outcome of various races, placing all the blame on the USPS is wrong.

You make the dubious statement that more than 200 voters “took the time to educate themselves about candidates and issues and put the energy into casting an absentee ballot. …” For the most part, you don’t know whether they put in 10 hours or 10 minutes. Then you add that they “… were stripped of their voice,” as if this was some conspiratorial effort. While the phrase has a nice poetic and sensational ring to it, you remove any burden of responsibility from the voters themselves.

For my part, I can count the number of pieces of mail that the USPS has lost or delivered late over the last 35 years on one hand. Kudos, considering the volume. I vote in person because it is important to me, and I want to make sure. Other than the men and women in the military or diplomatic services, for most people, an absentee ballot is a matter of convenience rather than of necessity. If you want your vote counted, don’t rely on a third party. If your vote should go uncounted because you choose to use a convenient alternative to voting in person, don’t blame anyone else. This right, like jury duty, is a cornerstone of your freedom and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take some personal responsibility, as politically incorrect as that may sound.

One of your closing lines, I find the most interesting. You expect that the USPS will “let the rest of us know when a problem is coming so we can make plans.” Wow. You’re kidding, right? If in fact that kind of prognostication were possible by the USPS (or anybody else), there would be plenty of people lined up for their advice on financial matters as well. And you can bet they’ll be there in person.

A.H. Dorland

Nevada City

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