Use of name wasn’t right |

Use of name wasn’t right

I just received my Nevada County Voter Information Pamphlet in the mail. I opened it up to the statements section and started reading the arguments for and against Grass Valley’s Measure T, the Transportation Improvement Measure. I quickly became outraged at what I read.

The argument “in favor” was signed by a number of well-known community leaders, on the other hand the “rebuttal” to the argument in favor of Measure T was written and signed by only one person, Terry Lamphier (a candidate for Grass Valley City Council).

So here’s the problem. Terry Lamphier included my name in his argument against Measure T. Lamphier states “Over proponents objections, ex-councilmember Steve Enos and I successfully fought for funding guarantees for the Wolf Creek project, but the measure is still misleading and deeply flawed.” The only thing “misleading and deeply flawed” is Terry Lamphier and his statement.

Let me make this very clear. I am a strong supporter Measure T. I am a land use and environmental planner and one of the founders of Grass Valley Neighbors and the Wolf Creek Community Alliance. Both groups support and endorse Measure T. The only true part of Lamphier’s statement is that I’m an “ex-councilmember.”

I never worked with Terry Lamphier on Measure T issues, nor did I work with Lamphier on Measure T issues related to the Wolf Creek Parkway. I did work with Jonathon Keehn of WCCA, City staff and Council members to address issues of funding for the Wolf Creek Parkway in Measure T. City staff and Council did a great job of addressing the issues raised and they were very responsive and helpful, no “fighting” required as Lamphier claims.

Lamphier did not contact me to discuss his argument against Measure T nor did he ask for permission to include my name in his ballot statement. If Lamphier would have contacted me I would have told him no, for so many reasons. Lamphier did not ask for nor did he have my permission to use my name. As a result of this I have sent a complaint to the California State Fair Political Practices Commission. I am asking the FPPC to review this matter, including Lamphier’s unauthorized use of my name in his ballot statement. Lamphier had no right to include me in his misleading argument against Measure T. I believe Terry Lamphier’s actions were deceptive and misleading.


Measure T provides very specific details; commitments and safeguards as to how the funding will be used for a number of much needed and desired transportation projects for our town. It also includes a Citizen Oversight Committee to ensure the funds are used as outlined in Measure T.

Since 2000, few issues have proven to be as consistent a winner as ballot measures related to transportation improvements. In 2004 and 2005 the voter approval rate for transportation measures was 80 percent! Voters have clearly shown their willingness to increase local sales taxes in exchange for investments in their local transportation systems.

This level of support is even more remarkable when taking into consideration that voters approve only 34 percent of all ballot measures. This shows the increasing desire for transportation solutions and a willingness to pay for them.

Measure T is a great deal for Grass Valley residents for a number of reasons. A large portion of the sales tax collected in Grass Valley comes from folks outside of Grass Valley. This is the only way these folks will help pay for the transportation improvements to be funded by Measure T.

Measure T will also “leverage” the money raised by the small, half-a-penny increase in our sales tax. In the early 1990’s the government developed a new approach to transportation funding. In order for local governments to access federal and state transportation funding the community must be able to provide matching funds. Measure T will provide these much-needed matching funds, allowing us to “buy” state and federal transportation dollars for just pennies.

Please join me in voting yes for Measure T. A half-a-penny increase in our sales tax will repair neighborhood streets and sidewalks, ease traffic congestion, help fund the Dorsey Drive interchange and the Wolf Creek Parkway trail. It’s a great investment, in a great community, for a great future.


Steve Enos lives in Grass Valley.

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