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Unwanted kids a concern

Unwanted kids a concern

Publishing the Planned Parenthood family planning outreach program hours in clear opposition to the wishes of its sponsors was NOT responsible reporting. “Some of our readers want to know” is not sufficient; please consider the consequences of your reporting, and whether said consequences benefit the community.

By chance I ran across this yesterday in an article (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_6902.html) on childhood psychological abuse and its consequences: …(children at greater risk of psychological abuse include) those who were unwanted or unplanned…Children who are (psychologically) mistreated are at greater subsequent risk of …impulse control problems, …substance abuse problems, antisocial behavior, delinquency…

Which kind of child is more likely to grow up to be the kind of lowlife (please, not “recreationist”) that dumps garbage and shoots and sets fire to cars in Greenhorn Creek?

The population growth we already have is largely due to unplanned pregnancies, and it’s degrading our quality of life and forcing us to turn our forests into tree farms and setting us at each others’ metaphorical throats. At some level we’re all part of the problem, but here we can become part of the solution. I’m sending my check to Nevada County Citizens for Choice today (PO Box 3525, Grass Valley CA 95945) and I hope you’ll do likewise if you don’t like having your property shot up and trashed by yahoos, if you don’t like our fine new traffic jams (try Brunswick Basin at 1p.m.!), if you’re angry that NID threatens to dewater the Cascade Canal, if you’re angry that NID threatens to run a pipeline through your property, if you’re angry that your well is going dry due to all your new neighbors (with their second-unit tenants) sucking down the water table and NID deciding not to serve your area after all – leaving you with nothing but whiskey to drink which gives you the urge to haul out the ole AK47 and take out your aggressions on something …

We can fight one another like overcrowded and myopic rats, or we can don our glasses (2020 vision, anyone?) and use our heads and work toward a solution.

Anna Haynes

Grass Valley

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