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U.S. has done enough harm to people of Iraq

I am writing about our impending “war” on Iraq. I am frightened, angry and aghast that our government, Republicans and Democrats, alike are frothing at the mouth to annihilate most of that country. Do Americans stop to think about the thousands or perhaps millions of innocent Iraqis we would kill?

Are we in a contest to see if we can do more destruction and killing than Osama and al-Qaida?

All the Islamic countries in that region are saying that Saddam poses no threat to the region. Even Kuwait has normalized relations with Iraq and does not want us to wage a war. Two U.N. weapon inspectors have both recently stated publicly that Iraq poses no military threat to anyone – that they have either no or virtually no weapons of mass destruction in any form.

The U.N. has stated that due to the U.N. (especially the U.S. sanctions on Iraq since the Gulf War), about 1 million children have died from malnutrition and preventable diseases (due to lack of enough medical supplies). During the Gulf War, much of our ammunition, both small and large caliber, was encased in depleted uranium. Many babies in Iraq are now being born with such extreme deformities that they are not even in the medical books. Babies are being born with their intestines outside of their bodies or their nose above their eyes. All that radiation was left there to cause these deformities and raise the cancer rate dramatically, especially among children.

It is public knowledge that Iraq has the second-largest supply of oil in the world. Our oil companies and their cronies want control of that oil. That is the real reason our government wants the kill Saddam and take over Iraq.

So being responsible for causing the deaths of a million children, causing horribly deformed newborns from our depleted uranium, isn’t evil enough? Now we plan to kill kill kill until we get what we want – oil, money, power and control. How sick and abhorrent is that?

Anje’ Waters

Grass Valley

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