Two more steps in UN plan to dominate world |

Two more steps in UN plan to dominate world

On May 24, President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin – an “ex”-KGB agent who spent his career tyrannizing his own countrymen and spreading terror and subversion throughout the world – agreed to an arms reduction treaty. On May 28, the two met in Rome where Russia was welcomed into NATO as a member of the New NATO-Russian Council. Neither chief executive mentioned that these two steps fit precisely into the long-standing plans for the UN to dominate the world. The plan is known as perestroika (ie., reorganization or restructuring) and was created in 1959-60.

Secretary of State Colin Powell told the press in Rome on May 28, “NATO was originally created for a political purpose.” That purpose was proclaimed at the alliance’s creation by Dean Acheson as “strengthening the United Nations.”

Anatoliy Golitsyn (defected to the U.S.A . in December 1961) urged the West not to allow itself to be disarmed either psychologically or militarily. He predicted the USSR would undergo a “spectacular and impressive reorganization,” a “false liberalization” in order to converge with the West into a New World Order with Moscow ruling the world. To prevent this the USA should remain militarily strong, bring our troops home, and get out of NATO and the United Nations. If that were our nation’s policy, the threat of terrorism would evaporate, and the greater threat of a UN-Moscow-dominated world would disappear.

Ruth Gessert

Grass Valley

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