TV news won’t enlighten |

TV news won’t enlighten

Have you tried to discover the latest news of the day by watching TV? What did you learn?

Your local channel begins by telling you that their channel is the best and the first, then proceeds to show the latest in Doppler weather for up to five minutes. The weather will be shown again two more times within the 30-minute newscast.

Next you will see an officer reporting on road conditions on our crowded highways and the accidents to try to avoid. This information will also be shown two more times during a 30-minute segment.

With the many ads interspersed between a few sentences of news, little time is left in that precious half hour before you must leave for work in the morning. You wanted to learn just who is the candidate running for office in your district, so you can vote intelligently. Oh, there he is. His mouth is moving, but the only words you hear are what the anchorwoman tells you he is saying. This segment lasts a few seconds, far less time than the detailed weather report. You turn off the TV and leave for work.

So much for the enlightening newscast. (Don’t bother switching channels, the weather reports are coordinated to come on at the same time on the other channels as well. Don’t bother to think. That has all been done for you.) We have progressed to the “freedom of thought” like the Russians experienced under communism, and the Europeans now have in their socialist countries, and under dictatorships such as in Cuba, China, North Korea etc. The media will tell you that your stress is caused by your fast-paced life, or poor eating habits, or not exercising enough or something your parents did wrong. Your exercise time will be lost when you watch the evening news hoping to see if you can glean a little news out of the next “newscast.” Sayonora.

M.E. Norberg


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