Truth via repetition |

Truth via repetition

In the attempt to vilify Drew Bedwell and the whole anti-NH 2020 crowd, there is an effort to attach certain untrue labels to them. The labels are likely to be believed by many people because of their relentless repetition.

Last year there were attempts to link Drew’s “you deserve the right to vote” petition, with Calvin Clark’s Izzy-recall effort. Not true. Drew was not involved with the recall effort.

Later it was claimed that Drew controlled the “No on NH 2020” signs and could direct them to be taken down. Again not true. The signs belong to the property owners where they are being displayed. They had been sold to the owners by either PYPR or CPR. The April 4 front page article printed in The Union about those signs failed to point this out.

Now the county is declaring the “No on NH 2020” signs to be political campaign signs, and demands they be taken down. Hmmm! If those signs are political, then NH 2020 itself must be political, and the SBC would be violating their nonprofit status. Would the grantors to the SBC also be violating their 3-C status?

Now they are trying to claim Drew is a U.N.-conspiracy nut. False claims are being made that Drew believes the Board of Supervisors gets its marching orders from the U.N.; this is an extreme distortion of the facts.

Here are a couple of recent examples:

Reported in The Union, March 23, the article on the March 19 BOS meeting, a quote by incumbent Conklin stated about his challenger Drew Bedwell: “his theory that the United Nations is controlling Nevada County.”

Susan Levitz, the Web site snagger, made this statement about Drew in her article on March 22: “His firm belief that local officials are willing agents in a U.N. plot to control the ways we live, eat, learn, reproduce, communicate and worship.”

No doubt this kind of rhetoric will intensify as we get closer to the November election, when Martin and Conklin see their positions as supervisors, the control of the BOS, and their extreme environmental agenda in jeopardy.

Gerald Robinson

Nevada City

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