Trout fishing in Lake Tahoe |

Trout fishing in Lake Tahoe

Editor’s note: Norwegian student Alexander Barg is visiting Grass Valley this summer for an internship with The Union. He is staying with the editor’s and publisher’s families. Here is his account of a fishing trip with Editor Jeff Pelline:

As a true Norwegian tourist, I knew that I could not leave this country without going fishing in Lake Tahoe. So one beautiful day we jumped in the car and headed toward Tahoe.

Norway is well known for its fishing. But I have heard that everything is big in America, so I had to see if that really was the case with fish as well. Unfortunately, the air was quite smoky because of the ongoing forest fires, but nothing could keep us from going fishing in this enormous lake.

As we drove along Highway 89, I kept on thinking that I had seen this place before. After a while it dawned on me that I actually had seen this place before, not in real life but on television.

What I was thinking about was the old TV show called “Bonanza,” which I have been watching innumerable times in Norway. I started imagining the honorable Cartwright family riding their horses over the hills, collecting their cattle.

When we were about halfway, the city was long gone, and we entered an area marked by thick forest and beautiful scenery. I could smell the pine trees and feel the pollen forcing me to wipe my nose, so in a strange way this place actually reminded me of home.

Except that cross-country skis were exchanged for water skis, and polar bears swapped for brown bears, being in Tahoe was a bit like being in Norway.

Our final destination was a town called Homewood, south of Tahoe City. After a 90- minute ride, we were finally there, ready for some serious fishing.

On the dock, we met Captain Pam, our fishing boat captain. Captain Pam told us that the fishing had been poor this summer, but she assured us that she would stay out on the lake for as long as it would take to catch some fish.

I don’t know if it was my Norwegian fishing luck or Captain Pam’s years of experience fishing in Lake Tahoe, but after only an hour out on the lake, I caught the first fish of the day – a large Mackinaw trout.

About half an hour later, I got another nibble. I started to reel in the line. The depth gauge on the boat showed almost 400 feet, so it took quite a long time to reel in the line, and I wished that I had strong-er arms.

The 15-minute workout was worth it, though, when another beautiful trout was in my possession.

The other men on the boat started to believe that it actually was my Norwegian blood that made me catch those fish. As the time went by, the luck seemed to be changing, and finally the Americans started to catch some fish as well.

When we had been out on the lake for about five hours, we had all caught our limits of two fish each. Captain Pam was surprised, because it has been difficult catching fish lately.

So with two trout each, we were all grateful and a little sun-burned, ready to go home and barbecue the fish.

Though the fishing itself was very fun, the beautiful scenery with the lake and its surroundings made it an incredible trip.

We could see snow on the mountain tops and look over to Eagle Rock, which is a sacred place for Indians.

As a true Norwegian Viking, I don’t know if it was just a sign along the road saying “Vikingsholm” that did it, but I actually felt at home in this beautiful area called Tahoe.


Alexander Barg is an 18-year-old student who lives near Oslo, Norway.

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