Trade domain names, billboards |

Trade domain names, billboards

No on 2020 supporters are complaining that someone has taken ownership of their potential domain names. Drew Bedwell wishes to represent himself as a moderate, saving us from eco-radicals (and not the right-wing extremist that one might assume from his letters to The Union in the past). Given these two observations, I believe I have spotted a “win-win” opportunity for Mr. Bedwell and our community.

I bet that whoever has claimed the domain names would be willing to give them up in exchange for removing the blight on Nevada County caused by the No on 2020 billboards. If Mr. Bedwell were to spearhead this fair exchange, he would impress moderates and fence-sitters, which just might give him the numbers he needs in November. It would demonstrate that he can act independently of the special interests that support him (CABPRO, etc.), something he claims the current BOS cannot do. He would be known as a diplomat and a leader in touch with the majority of citizens who prefer their editorials in the paper and not on the trees.

Of course, if he does not care to see the signs removed, he should be remembered as the father of the “Nevada County Billboard Phenomenon.” This is the phenomenon that visitors experience when they see the many billboards representing the entire political spectrum of Nevada County, only limited by the ability to afford the signs and the property to display them. Those folks who make reading the letters to The Union so entertaining will be represented on roadways and in neighborhoods. “U.N. out of Nevada County” here, “Naturalists for a Nuclear-free County” there. We will remember Mr. Bedwell and his supporters for pioneering this very public form of expression.

So, Mr. Bedwell, how about trading domain names for billboards? Let the world be your stage via the Internet and spare the citizens of Nevada County the sight of the billboards that have been, by now, seen by all. You can do it.

Pat Havard

Nevada City

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