Too much deceit |

Too much deceit

Regarding FONCA, we are asked: “Does anyone smell a dirty litter box?” You bet … and you can smell it close up. It’s been thrown smack into the faces of Nevada County residents! And who thought we needed our noses rubbed in it?

Last July I filed a complaint. I also registered it with Izzy Martin. Concurrent with my complaint, another was filed. It was copied to Peter Van Zant. No doubt was left in either complaint as to the problem with FONCA.

Paul Boch, chief of animal control, took his version to the BOS meeting Jan. 8. He stressed the need to have FONCA removed from the premises of Animal Control. Board minutes reflect his stating that, “County counsel expressed concern with regard to the county’s liability.” I doubt the point was missed: FONCA’s “program” provides the atmosphere in which a lawsuit waits to happen!

Actually, a lawsuit isn’t the worst thing that can happen as a result of FONCA’s shenanigans – it’s just one thing that should have been considered as the complaints were “investigated.” Was it? Hardly! Instead, the complaints were used to provide that a Community Advisory Committee be formed to listen to complaints. Do I support the need to have complaints addressed? I do! Since mine wasn’t, I sent in an application for committee consideration. Now I, and others, are shocked to see Teresa Bryerton herself put in charge of fielding the complaints against her organization, FONCA! And it’s more than a dirty litter box you’re smelling, it’s a big, fat rat. Look close – you’ll see the “no kill” banner he’s waving!

Pay attention – here comes another “box.” Before you fill it with vet supplies, you might want to know how many $4,500 animals will require your “support”! You should know – the million dollars is just the down-payment!

There are right ways to accomplish goals, especially as animals are concerned, but this, definitely, doesn’t come close! Too much deceit!

Sherry Balow


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