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Time for a change

Voters of District 4 in Nevada County should ask themselves if they are better off today then during the watch of Rene Antonson and Elizabeth Martin. I believe most residents of District 4 are aware that Martin has a “silver tongue” for conning the voters in District 4. She takes credit for anything that she believes the voters want. Rene has lost two times.

I have served on Lake Wildwood’s board of directors for seven years since 1980. I served on almost every committee and believe I have a feel for what the voters want in LWW and in District 4. They do not want money wasted on studies for NH 2020 and other projects that will divide our county. Rene and Izzy, by their actions, have their own property and self- interest items.

I would like to know what in Nevada County we have to give up to the special interest people who are trying to buy Izzy for $60,000 plus. I do not believe it is the little people with small donations to her campaign.

I know from experience what LWW’s board of directors, general manager, our employees of LWW and Nevada County, various committees and various clubs, have done to improve conditions in Nevada County. It appears Izzy takes credit for most good deeds these people have done.

I have read all or most of the articles in The Union and Wildwood Independent under the captions “serving you,” but believe the intelligent voters in District 4 will use their God-given “common sense” and check out the items and vote against giving her another four years.

It seems we are always voting against someone instead of for someone. This time, you can vote against two people and get a fresh person to represent us in Robin Sutherland.

Elwin N. Wegner

Penn Valley

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