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Tie aid to Israeli retreat

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon’s massive retaliation policy inspired 370 Israeli reservists to refuse duty in Palestinian territories – claiming Israel was “dominating, expelling, starving, and humiliating an entire people.”

A thousand former Israeli officers, including generals, urged Israel to withdraw unilaterally from the territories.

After Arafat ordered a cease-fire last December (greatly reducing violence) Sharon’s resumption of targeted assassinations apparently provoked new acts of terror.

The Israeli Bar’s human rights committee warned Israelis involved in assassinations could be prosecuted for war crimes.

Uri Avnery, Israeli author of three Sharon biographical essays, said in January 2002 Sharon’s “maximum aim is … to exploit a war situation or world crisis to expel all Palestinians (including … Israeli citizens) from the country.”

Sharon’s “minimum aim … to imprison the Palestinians in several enclaves. … Each surrounded by (Israeli) settlements, bypass roads and the army. In these big prison camps Palestinians could supply (Israel) with cheap labor … a captive market.”

About 215,000 Israelis occupy Palestinian territories, with highways generously garnished with Israeli army checkpoints.

Personally, I believed Arafat foolish failing to sign on the Barak/Clinton deal in 2000. Recently, however, I saw the proposed maps – with the so-called 91 percent of the West Bank “offering” remaining spiderwebbed with Israeli roads and settlements.

Benny Morris, Israeli historian, in a 1998 book, wrote that thousands of Arabs who fled the new Israel in 1948 did so because Israeli fighters frightened or forced them.

Morris believes Arafat is corrupt and “an inveterate liar.” Still, Morris calls for Israeli withdrawal.

Israeli hegemony, with 3,200 tanks, hundreds of nukes, a fleet of F-16s, and political leadership both inept and ruthless, harms Israeli security and American interests.

Tie aid for Israel to settlers withdrawing from the territories/fund multi-national peacekeepers (50,000?) through reduction in Israeli aid and Arab/Europe/U.N. financial help.

John Brady

Grass Valley

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