Those Days still exist in this county |

Those Days still exist in this county

Last week I was sitting at my computer working on my Kudos for The Union to thank everyone involved making our North San Juan Easter gathering such a great success. I was reading and counting words so that I could bring it down to 100 words from 135 when the phone rang.

It was a friend calling from the Bay Area, wanting to talk and reminisce. She said hello and then asked me if I remembered the good old days? I was taken aback by the question and at first I thought, what a question?

I said of course I do, but what do you mean? She proceeded to tell me about “Those Days” when we played outside until the streetlights went on, and the neighbors getting together on summer days while us kids played in the sprinklers; the parents planned a neighborhood bus trip to San Francisco for dinner. When we walked to school and home with no fear of being kidnapped. When our teachers took special interest in each and every one of us. Remember when you went to town and knew almost everyone you ran into in the stores? And the police would bring us home if we were about to get into trouble of any kind. She mentioned the time two boys were throwing dirt clods at each other, up pulls a police car, loads them up and took them straight home to Dad and Mom.

I listened to her and smiled to myself about Those Days. She continued on by saying that now if you pass a person on the street and say hello they put their heads down and keep walking and looking back at you like you were crazy! You don’t dare let the grandchildren, yes grandchildren, we are in that age bracket now, go to a friend’s house with out getting at least three numbers you will be able to find them with. How there are too many children who need personal help from the teachers. Now if they throw dirt clods it is a crime of assault and they end up with counseling and a probation officer.

I listen to her go on and then graciously told her I had to go because the chickens needed to be tended to. I went outside feeling a little depressed missing “Those Days.”

While feeding the chickens I thought, “what am I depressed about? I live in Nevada County, where we still have Those Days!”

When my granddaughter Justtina goes out to play, I tell her to be in before dark when the rattlesnakes come out. As far as her safety in the field while being with the horses, sheep, Llama and Maynard, our 2,500-pound pet steer, I warn her to keep a watch out for the rooster Romeo who loves to attack. As far as her going to a friends house there is no worry, the only thing I make sure is that her mother and her friend’s mother agree on the arrival time and what time she needs to be picked up.

I had to laugh when I thought about going to town shopping. You can walk into Bonanza Market or any grocery store, and it is, Those Days! From North San Juan to K-Mart whatever store you go into you meet someone you know in the county. There is so much love here, that all your neighbors are always a call away to help you and I am living proof it is still “Those Days!”

Thanksgiving and Easter in North San Juan bring people from all over the county to take part in our family dinners and once a month on Tuesday at the Senior Center it is free dinner night. That night brings out all the neighbors young and old. While the old folks talk and parents get together, the children go out and play until Dad and Mom are done visiting and it is time to go home to bed and ready for school the next day.

Our classes are small, as is the community so we still have “Those Days.” We may be behind a little but I know this county will never have to say those three depressing words, “Remember Those Days?”

God Bless Nevada County!


Claire Grondona is a resident of Nevada City.

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