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This age group gets no respect

Reanna Winterholler

What is the worst age I ask? At what birthday does one lose most of the respect, freedom and peace of the younger age? Forty? Thirty- seven? No. It is 16. When someone reaches the age of 16 years, they have a year ahead of them filled with trials and problems no one really realizes. They are no longer a child, the years of naivete and ignorance are gone. Suddenly comes the responsibility of driving, the expectation of dating and the pressures of tobacco, marijuana and the infamous alcohol.

When someone is 16, he is expected to be a rebel, to be independent, to be troublesome, so he is. The truth is that 16 is not rebellion or dependence but a pressure release and a last chance to be children. In two years or less these teen-agers, at the height of puberty and no longer the young ones, will be thrust head-long into the real world where they are once again the children, the inexperienced babe.

To top it all off, no one has respect for people of 16 years. When was the last time a teen-ager on TV was not portrayed as an independent, immature kid looking for a good time in a car? When thinking of a group of friends around 16, the picture that comes to mind is a house full of horny people with plastic cups of Budweiser waiting in line for the bedroom.

For this reason some people, wishing to dispel the stereotype from being laid on them, pretend not to be 16, but 15.

Reanna Winterholler

Nevada City


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