Think, America, before you vote |

Think, America, before you vote

I have always been a dreamer and love making money by using my head and hands. I believe in achieving financial independence by working and not through political favors, like the ones the liberal candidates are offering now.

I have traveled a good part of the world and made note and also learned most of the good things that can be achieved by working and not depending on political handouts, like a good part of the illegals that use our system and pay no taxes. They are sponsored and forced by greedy American users that exploit them by paying pennies on the dollar for their labor.

My thinking is that we have two basic problems in America: Republicans and Democrats by name only. They think they are always right, especially when there is money for them. Forget about the rest of America.

Let’s analyze our candidates.

Hillary Clinton: Her blindness is convenient to her needs. Let’s ask her how much money did she ever donate from her own money to the needy that preaches about so much (zero, nada).

Same with Barack Obama and his preachers of hate, to the really needy, elderly or disabled? Same: Zero, nada.

By contrast, McCain. We all know how patriotic he is and the courage he has shown during the Vietnam War when he was in captivity. He never betrayed his country or his troops.

We also know that Obama and Clinton want to force us to pay for our neighbors’ health care as a ticket to the White House.

Obama wants us to absorb irresponsible parents’ responsibilities and obligations and to have us raise their children, which they had just for the pleasure of sex, and not a desire for parenthood.

Another thing worth remembering is that Obama is said to display a photo of his idol, Che Guevara, next to the one of his pastor, in his Houston, Texas, headquarters.

Stupidity is very notorious.

Let’s just think, when candidates running for office start asking for money in contribution, what are they offering you for your hard-earned money? And by this I do not mean $25, $50, or $100. I mean the big buyouts from unethical corporations or countries such as China, and so many others interested in putting us down by paying for future favors.

We all know candidates owe them something for their money.

Politicians and liberal media most of the time close their eyes on his or her decisions and vote or write to favor their contributors, forgetting their obligations to this country that pays them for something they are supposed to do.

Sometimes Americans forget that our questions are more important than getting the right answer. That will come if and only if you get the questions right.

Good advice to voters would be to ask Wal-Mart to lend us their directors, so they can run for Congress. They made the largest contribution to the needy, followed by Home Depot, without expecting anything back but the recognition of being good Americans.

Our liberal Democrat candidate, the coward, never volunteered to fight for the country that adopted and civilized him. He also showed his cowardice by hiding in his church. He shows his religious loyalty by refusing to salute the flag. Is this the man we want in the White House? He only follows the rules that make money for him. Reason why we hear so many good things from his lips.

We need an American in the White House.

Fritz Gosalvez

lives in Auburn

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