There will always be change |

There will always be change

On March 13, I was reading the Letters to the Editor page and came to the “We will have change” letter from Drew Bedwell. I must say I was bothered by it all day.

I truly believe, we as a nation have started to reach a point of understanding in which the only way to accomplish anything is to work together; to see all aspects of every problem and to come to agreements that serve the good of all; to take the high road and to bring the best to every situation.

Mr. Bedwell did none of these things. From what I read, he did his best to alienate a lot of people. Most of these people I do not know personally, but know from past actions they have tried to put the best for the majority first. He spoke badly of the Board of Supervisors, Peter Van Zant, Bruce Conklin, and to my dismay the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, SYRCL and last but not least all of us who live in area code 95959.

I am not sure if Mr. Bedwell has ever been out Highway 49 and seen the devastation that runs under the road from the old mining days, or has hiked along the Pacific Crest Trail and seen what goes on beyond the view of the road. I for one have. Without the people that stand up for issues that have no voice, we will surely have a very sad place to live in.

If you live in Mr. Bedwell’s district I would recommend that you pay very close attention to the future you wish to have. I personally don’t wish for representation in this manner.

We will always have change, be it good or bad! You can help to decide.

Please vote in the next election.

John Odenkirk

Nevada City

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