There are gems right here in Grass Valley |

There are gems right here in Grass Valley

The Gold is gone, but a gem is discovered!

Yes. These days gold is hard to find in Grass Valley. But don’t despair. For something even more valuable, information is now available here. Especially information that is accurate, reliable and balanced. This newly exposed newspaper gem that the Sacramento Bee discovered in its Jan. 3 edition, is called The Union. We are all delighted to have been introduced to it by our friends in the Sacramento valley.

Over the past several decades the political split in the United States has slowly morphed into a single beast. This animal is derived from the wedding of two well-known critters: a conservative elephant, and a liberal jackass. The recent U.S. election has now permanently modified U.S. leadership, by placing the long-nosed animal with the tusks, decisively at the leadership head of the beast. This shift amazed (in some cases saddened) many in this country. “How,” they ask, “could this be?” The answer? Information! Reliable, accurate and timely.

It is a well-established fact that a primary source for accurate decisions on how to do anything, is unbiased and current information. That is the gold, really, on which our country is built. Whether we are military, civilian, or whatever. Information is the key to growth, happiness and even survival. Such knowledge is obtained by much of the U.S. electorate from our daily newspapers.

This ugly problem was not geographically limited. It was mirrored throughout the country. The difficult task of getting a “fair and balanced” view of events was initially dependent on the new media: Selected TV channels, talk radio, and a slug of small mainstream weekly and monthly magazines and papers.

Considering the depth of lies and distorted stories recently exposed in the highest icons of the liberal press, The Union’s performance glows as a shining example of a search for truth and balance.

Since I began reading The Union, I have seen in its pages an enormously strong effort to give voice to both sides of the political spectrum. One often sees Cal Thomas delivering his (what most agree) conservative view, alongside a photo of Molly Ivins providing her view of the world with words that in most cases generate such severe stomach cramps in conservative readers, a MAALOX moment is demanded.

Then, if one is so disposed to read the “Letters to the Editor” you’ll find an exposure with a really balanced assignment of “tilt.” How do I know it’s balanced?

Because what I hear from both conservative and liberal friends (yes, I have some) is that they (as myself) “are appalled” at the readers’ comments published there. Case closed. But is it really? Or does it take a more independent, knowledgeable, insightful and universally respected vehicle to confirm it?

Hello Sac Bee!! In their (now) widely read article (Sunday, Jan. 3) titled, “Grass Valley publisher sparks an outcry,” we have the defining approval of our locally admired paper. Reading the thrust of this piece from a major sister California publication, we can proudly discern that the goal of this exquisite newspaper’s attempt at “fair and balanced” coverage has indeed been achieved in Grass Valley.

With (I am certain) his recollection of the N.Y. Times’ gutting of honesty and fair play, the Bee reporter asks The Union reporters if Publisher Jeff Ackerman pressures them on what news is covered and what is ignored. The response given to the Bee writer is clear and untainted. “None of the current and former Union reporters interviewed for this story could recall any instance of Ackerman interfering in the paper’s coverage of issues.” Period.

Then consider Ackerman’s response when asked if he interferes or stays out of the newsroom decisions: “I don’t have any idea of what goes into the paper until I pick it up in the morning.” Hmmmm … sounds similar to the previous paragraph. Could that be? Reporters really allowed to present “just the facts, ma’am!” Chalk up another plus for Ackerman and The Union.

So let’s sum up: Reporters free to report the news in an unbiased fashion. Opinion pieces by nationally respected authors on both ends of the elephant/jackass electorate. Letters to the Editor that are (depending on your personal view) either way off the liberal scale of bias, or far to the right of Ghengis Khan. Well then, what’s the beef?

Ah yes … after all the above, our “fair and balanced” complainer, a self-described liberal doctor, says, “Ackerman should respect disagreement in the divided county.” Oh, really? One wonders what local paper this guy is really … really … reading. Shocking! Simply shocking! A publisher with an opinion of his own. Giving us all the balanced news, but trying to explain his own views … stated as such.

And that … finally … brings us to the bottom line. The heart of the problem. The reason liberals always wind up sucking wind.

Two final quotes. First, our Bee reporter points out : “Conservatives tend to see the (Union) paper differently than liberals.” He got that right.

Then ultimately, the magic key which defines the problem and unlocks the mystery as the Bee writer interviews a Grass Valley Republican. This retired Navy officer highlights the heretofore hidden mystery of why this liberal complainer, as do all liberals, always fail to win. His epiphany?

” They (The Union) try very hard to be balanced. But from the point of view of the liberals, balance means to always agree with them.”

The heart of the problem is now officially outed. Period. End of story.

You know … I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Fred Levien is a businessman from Grass Valley.

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