The Union’s right bias dominant |

The Union’s right bias dominant

I can hardly express just how disappointed I am to see The Union’s increasingly biased slant toward the right. I would hope that in a small, but wonderfully vibrant, community like this, the newspaper would feel a great responsibility to report evenhandedly. I know that some conservative activists, such as Rupert Murdoch, have found it useful to use newspapers as a way to disseminate their political beliefs, but it is really sad to see a small-town newspaper become so biased. Many people, including schoolchildren, believe that what is written in the newspaper is automatically The Truth, and it seems that The Union has forgotten its journalistic responsibility to report without bias. For instance, the front-page articles (virtually advertisements) for the property rights folks have shown pictures of that poor man having his land taken away by the government, but don’t show the homeowner pushed off their land by unchecked commercial development.

Also in Tuesday’s paper, the story about our state Senate voting on a bill to reduce emissions from cars says that the environmental groups and Democrats sponsoring the bill are “ignoring pleas of carmakers and business groups” and the intention here does not seem to be to point out how brave and citizen-minded those Democrats are to stand up to big money! In that same article, you print the phrase “so-called greenhouse gases,” implying that the term is not an accurate one – that it is only used by a small group of crazy environmentalists, instead of by the vast majority of the U.S. and international scientific community. This article left me with the impression that The Union wishes to express its opinion that there is no such thing as global warming, which is fine for an opinion piece, but not fine for what should be an unbiased piece of government news. The lack of balanced reporting from our state capital is really inexcusable and shows your true political bias.

Please, take your journalistic responsibility seriously; this is a great community, and it deserves a “fair shake.”

Kristanne Heaton

Nevada City

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