The Union misses the mark with Macron cartoon |

The Union misses the mark with Macron cartoon

In the July 16 issue of The Union, you published a political cartoon about France winning the World Cup that showed an evil president of France, Emmanuel Macron, hovering on the horizon, waiting to eat the victorious French team. The implication is that Macron is seen by some to be using the World Cup victory for his own nefarious gain. If this were a widely-held opinion, that would be fine. In fact, if this were even a minority opinion, that would be great. But virtually no one holds this opinion. The French president was an effusive fan at the World Cup. Some might argue that he was too silly at times — that’s what happens when you “dab” — but I have not seen anyone argue that his celebrations had ill-intent or selfish motive. The Union should be more careful in choosing political cartoons – a Bangkok freelancer who has two likes on Twitter is probably not an appropriate source. Your readers deserve better — plus there must have been some hilarious cartoons of Putin and his umbrella to choose from!

Kristanne Heaton

Nevada City

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