The Union is guilty of manufacturing news |

The Union is guilty of manufacturing news

Lately, The Union seems to be manufacturing news rather than reporting it. On Aug. 6, two anti-Izzy Martin letters appeared on the editorial page – framed in heavy black – with a photo of the supervisor. Letters criticizing politicians are commonplace, so why such dramatically negative presentation?

Far worse was the front-page headline on Aug. 10: “Martin dumps foe’s supporter” (i.e., did not re-appoint Leipzig to the sanitation committee). Again, committee appointments are routine affairs, and this misrepresentation of simple facts casts a negative interpretation of an event quite likely unrelated to political campaigns.

Assuming that Leipzig votes, the chances of her being for or against Martin’s candidacy are 50 percent. So, if Leipzig had been pro-Martin, would the headline had read, “Martin dumps supporter”? Or how about, “Martin dumps female”? “Martin dumps Caucasian”? Hardly.

Clearly, The Union’s headline put an intensely partisan spin on a mundane event, and seemed designed to assert the conclusion that her decision was political retribution for … what? The issue was never explored.

Lake Wildwood faces state-mandated sewage upgrades and is being told to pay for such. As the county grows, so does the complexity of issues facing it. Perhaps Martin really did see the need for a commissioner with greater understanding of the issues and agencies involved. If this is true (and it is just as likely as the negative scenario), the voters of LWW should thank her for looking out for their best interests.

Also, how about this: Absolutely no one denies that Martin is politically astute. Refusing to nominate a vocal opponent was guaranteed to cause her political grief. Far easier to reappoint and not raise the fuss. Assuming Martin truly did see the need for “fresh thinking” on the commission, her move was a courageous act, deserving respect rather than denunciation.

The Union’s headline slanted objective facts. I’d feel the same if it were Bedwell, Sutherland or Conklin who was similarly treated. Refraining from personal attack is a good start, but there are many ways to skin political cats. I encourage The Union to go deeper in its quest to promote fair play.

William Larsen

Nevada City

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