The truth will out |

The truth will out

Dr. Evil of “Austin Power’s” film-fame said, “The details of my life are quite inconsequential.”

White House “Resident” Bush and VP Cheney try spinning that lie about themselves, too, but their secrecy obsessions contradict Bush recently saying: “We need transparency in government. People who hide things make me nervous.”

Bush refuses to reveal his Harken stock sale, S.E.C. Investigation file, and Harken board of directors’ minutes discussing the matter. If this was Clinton, wouldn’t Republicans whine?

He refuses to make public Reagan and Bush Sr.’s presidential papers for historical examination, and he hid his Texas governor papers inside his father’s presidential library, quashing examination of them, too.

Bush hastily announced a homeland security plan on TV as FBI Agent Colleen Rowley spoke to Congress, steering attention away from her testimony about administration lies and failures in the Sept. 11 attacks, and he opposes an independent investigation into the attacks, as well. Why?

For two years, Dick Cheney’s refused to announce who comprised his energy task force. Why?

Now Cheney claims innocence in profiting from Halliburton Co. stock that crashed when he became VP, but be nervous, he just retained the Williams & Connolly law firm, which represented…the Clintons.

“There is nothing covered up that won’t be revealed, nor hidden that won’t be made know.” – Luke 12:2

Thomas M. “Zeke” Tafoya


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