The truth is out there – conspiracies hard to pull off |

The truth is out there – conspiracies hard to pull off

Robin Sutherland, the county supervisor candidate, got a bill for $146.39 from the county government for its work in dealing with a mobile home that used to be on her property.

As we do things around here, Ms. Sutherland quickly assumed she was the object of political retribution for her opposition to Natural Heritage 2020, called a reporter to complain, and learned only the next day that the bill she received was one of 600 sent out by the county.


It might have happened to any of the candidates in the absurdly overheated political environment in western Nevada County.

The recent farce does, however, provide a chance for some reminders:

— Look before you leap. (The folks at the newspaper – particularly the folks who write this column of opinion – get painful reminders of this, too.)

— Remember that there are significant portions of daily life in western Nevada County that are not political. We have heard actually heard recent reports of people who worked on their gardens, enjoyed a brisk walk around Empire Mine, went shopping at boutiques in Nevada City, joined a bowling league and watched the Kings games with their friends. So far as we can figure, there is no political implication to any of these these activities. There is no hint, in fact, that these folks even thought about local politics at the time. But perhaps there are some hidden agendas to all these activities. Which brings us to the next point ….

— While conspiracy theories provide a lot of entertainment for people who can’t find anything worthwhile to think about, it’s helpful to remember that most people – including people who hold different political opinions from you – are about as organized as you are. If you and your friends have trouble organizing a party of five to meet for dinner, why do you think your opponents can organize the control of the entire universe? And keep it a secret, to boot? It’s been said truthfully that believers in conspiracy theories have wildly optimistic views of human nature.

Sometimes we idly – and, we fear, pointlessly – muse: What if all this energy were put into something beneficial for the community?

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