The supervisor races |

The supervisor races

On Dec. 3, 2001 the Board of Supervisors voted to spend $15,000 to promote business in Nevada County.

Following this vote, the supervisors with Ted Gaebler spent taxpayer money on a “retreat” in Placer County.

These votes by the BOS are in direct conflict. There is no apology from any of the participants.

Constant abuse of taxpayers’ funds and self-serving decisions about county expenditures have been the hallmark of this BOS. Serious change is needed with adult experience and proven decisions replacing a free-wheeling attitude with no consequences.

Vote for experience in November. Write in your vote for Rene Antonson.

Karen Nelson

Penn Valley

It’s time the people (not just SBC and Sierra Club) were given some input to county government. Drew Bedwell and Robin Sutherland will support our rural environment, while still letting us enjoy it rather than locking it away. Current supervisors propose increasing government power (which it will use), to run us out of our rural community. Drew and Robin will be honest and work for us rather than special interests. Vote for Drew and Robin, voices that will give you a say in having the community you want; not voices that sound more at home on the Berkeley City Council.

Dave White

Grass Valley

For most of the voters in Nevada County, there’s only one supervisor they can approach and expect an impartial hearing, and that is from Sue Horne in District 1. But Sue is outnumbered four to one by some liberal Democrats whose intent is to turn our county into an exclusive nature preserve and country club.

Sue Horne desperately needs an ally to get the people’s wishes put into effect. Robin Sutherland is such a candidate. Let’s take back our government and vote for Robin.

Linda L. Morgan

Penn Valley

Nevada County is awash in new construction now, and the future pressure to become a bedroom community of Roseville/Sacramento is certain to grow in the next 20 years. We face a crossroad in losing our identity, much like Roseville and Auburn have, or working together to preserve and enhance our rural character.

Look around at the signs as you drive – many of the Bedwell/Sutherland/yes on D signs are on large undeveloped parcels. These owners/speculators sure think they know who is going to give them free rein. Is this what you want?

Richard C. Burton

Nevada City

NH 2020 is dead. Would-be developers talk about it because it’s the only issue they have to fool you with. Dean Bedwell and robin Sutherland are both funded by large landowners, would-be developers and Sierra Pacific Industries, a timber company and largest landowner in Nevada County. Ask yourself why they support who they support. Is that in your interest? Martin and Conklin are supported by proponents of slow, controlled growth that will preserve the reasons we all originally came here.

Do you want denuded hillsides, massive subdivisions and strip malls, or controlled growth that keeps our county beautiful?

Jay Sydeman

Nevada City

Elections are about issues. The issues in the supervisor races are the lack of representative government, unresolved affordable housing problems, and the intrusion of our county government to impose their beliefs on our properties and freedoms.

Supervisors Martin and Conklin’s performance on these issues are public record. They don’t provide for a representative voice, they’ve failed to address affordable housing , and they try through excessive regulation to impose their beliefs on us.

A vote for Bedwell and Sutherland is an opportunity to open the doors to new ideas and bring a badly needed balance to our Board of Supervisors.

Jim Crowley

Grass Valley

Izzy Martin, fiscal conservative? Let’s see: $300,000-plus on the divisive NH 2020, $700,000 on new computer programs the community didn’t need, nearly $200,000 a year for a county CEO that seems to reside in San Rafael, and thousands for natural-gas powered buses parked for lack of fueling stations. Thanks for guarding my tax dollars so carefully, Izzy! I’ll be voting for Robin!

And Mr. Smart Growth, Bruce Conklin, wants to grow Grass Valley and leave the rural areas “pristine” for the beasties. Most families want space of their own, not high-density, shared-yard “projects.” Vote for the pro-people candidate, Drew Bedwell.

Heather Donesky

Nevada City

Last summer, the present BOS accepted the NH 2020 forestry report. In this report are 10 recommendations, which will increase taxes or consume general fund monies, 12 recommendations will restrict land use and reduce available land for purchase, driving land values even higher. So much for our children living here.

The present BOS will implement this report. Robin and Drew will listen to us and follow our desires, and remember, and a vote for Rene is a vote for Izzy. Please vote – you may be very unhappy with the results if you do not. Earnest Bertram

Grass Valley

Robin Sutherland and Drew Bedwell are two of a kind.

Neither one of them care about we the people of Nevada County. Their main objective is to get in there.

They will say anything to get your vote.

Let’s laugh about Drew Bedwell being your voice when actually he is the developers’ voice. Who do you think is paying for all those big signs?

The only two I feel I can trust is Izzy Martin and Bruce Conklin. They have both worked for we, the people.

Doroth Clink

Grass Valley

A recent letter to the editor asked, “What value can trees have beyond money?” and noted that political ads provide the bulk of information most people ever obtain.

If combined those two thoughts read, “What value does a candidate have beyond money?”

District 4 has three candidates and all three have important campaign messages. But of the three, only two have the money necessary to mail out thousands of campaign ads.

Question: Do we only consider the two candidates who have the money? Or do we take it upon ourselves to look past the money and find the best candidate?

Regina Gates

Grass Valley

Thanks to Robin Sutherland for explaining why she failed to pay her property taxes on time, had a tax lien and a bankruptcy of her business (The Union 8/21/02). I’m waiting for her and Drew Bedwell to explain why illegal political hit pieces were mailed to Nevada County residents in their behalf by Butte County political hatchet man John Gillander. The mailers say they were sent by the Nevada County Citizens for Ethical Government, but there is no return address, and no such organization exists. I want ethical supervisors, not people who think the rules are just for others.

Roger Hicks

Nevada City

Even in local elections, politics in America has become the fine art of twisting the truth and/or confusing the voters. In a national poll, 82.5 percent agreed “most political candidates will say almost anything to get themselves elected.”

In Nevada County, Drew Bedwell is now a no-growth proponent, after earlier supporting a measure that guarantees maximum development; and Robin Sutherland, who declared personal bankruptcy, wants to be entrusted with our county finances. Undecided voters, beware. Follow the money! Vote for the real conservatives, Bruce Conklin and Izzy Martin, who balanced the budget and saved us 20 million in hard-earned tax dollars.

Michael Killigrew

Nevada City

Republicans, open your eyes! I’ve always counted on you to be the fiscally conservative balance to the social architects. Of late, however, the local GOP has been hijacked by a wealthy minority who, under the guise of “property rights,” want to trash all planning. They conceal the fact that when developers are given total freedom, the taxpayer winds up picking up the tab later down the road. Their greed and selfishness, disinformation, lies and smear tactics are tearing apart our community. I applaud our Board of Supervisors incumbents for setting a gentlemanly example of true public service for the good of all.

Randy Oliver

Grass Valley

It has been said that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. Unfortunately, this Big Lie concept works. If it didn’t, Izzy Martin and Bruce Conklin would have been elected in the primary. Their opponents, who profess protection for property rights, really only want to protect big timber (SPI) and big developer’s interests. I am a property owner in Nevada County for the last 20 years, and it is Martin and Conklin who are protecting my interests by protecting rural quality. Protect your rights. Don’t be duped: vote for Martin or Conklin and against Measure D.

Don Jacobson

Rough and Ready

Why I support Bruce Conklin and his re-election:

1. Financial management – he upgraded the county bond rating, saving the taxpayers millions of dollars.

2. Government management – he moved county government toward increased efficiency in services with reorganized personnel and accessible computerized data bases; he improved community protection, increasing sheriff staffing and wages.

3. Planned development – he protected the Yuba from further dams and works for public parks and trails.

4. Planned environment – he sees the rivers and forests of the Sierra foothills as assets for tourism, rural quality and our children.

Conklin has my vote in November.

Eric Jorgensen

Nevada City

There is no place in our county government for the kind of peevish, pushy, rude, unenlightened, immature, loudmouthed behavior of late. The Board of Supervisors is a nonpartisan office. Special interests? We all have special interests. I consider the term to be meaningless rhetoric, saying nothing about anything. I want to hear real ideas, not old tape loops. Let’s see some true debate that actually addresses issues – and there are many legitimate issues that require intelligent, thoughtful consideration by people who must come together after the election to work together and actually solve problems, not shake fists in each other’s faces.

Pam Hodges

Grass Valley

Why does CABPRO pay four full time staffers to agitate and spread fear for big developers and land speculators? Why is Robin Sutherland, an inexperienced and unqualified person, being given so much political support? The answers are: Wal-Mart, Home Depot, The Gap. Rich and powerful developers are itching to build strip malls and force our locally owned small businesses out. They make us think the county wants to steal our land. Big corporations want to develop our land, and make millions after buying off the speculators. We need wise leaders with the savvy to hold back sprawl. Vote for Izzy.

Michael LaMarca

Nevada City

Sorry for the delay in sending this thank-you letter! It’s been four years since we received a fine gift from District 3 and 4 voters: Bruce Conklin and Elizabeth Martin were elected to serve as supervisors.

And serve they have – with intelligence, integrity, heart and soul. They’ve effectively taken on leadership roles in important areas: mental health, children’s and seniors’ lives, criminal justice, county employees and services. And yes, land use; they understand the role of property rights within, not instead of, the entire Constitution.

So thanks, folks, and if it’s not too much to ask … Once again, please?

Stephen Greenberg

Nevada City

Undecided voters have to be wondering what the push to replace Supervisor Conklin and Martin is all about.

It’s simple. Neither embrace the values of people who grew up around here or those of us who have lived here through this county’s greatest changes.

Martin and Conklin are funded by environmental groups and have little choice but to do their bidding. Those groups do not allow for other opinions and can’t compromise.

We once had a voice on the direction of our county, but we’re shut out. We simply want a voice in decisions that affect our daily lives.

Irma Wolfe

Penn Valley

As a government student at Nevada Union, I had the privilege of having various candidates lecture in the classroom, the first of whom was Robin Sutherland. After introducing herself she stated that she became involved in politics because of NH 2020. However, when asked what NH 2020 was, she declared that she did not in fact really know. What’s worse, NH 2020, which appears to be Sutherland’s primary issue, was officially eradicated by the board almost three months ago.

Sutherland is not only completely uninformed about even her own issues, but completely unqualified to be handed District 4’s future. Vote NO on Robin!

Kelly Hale

Grass Valley

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