The Redcoats are coming |

The Redcoats are coming

The United States does not exist minus the Fourth Amendment.

In 1761, the British invented “the general writ of assistance” and colonists challenged the writ in Massachusetts (Colony) Superior Court.

The writ empowered British soldiers to secretly and overtly search and seize whatever, and whenever, they wanted from colonists’ homes and businesses, unfettered, and so they arrested without warrant, jailed without charge or trial and denied counsel!

The Committee of Correspondence disseminated from Boston abuse reports to other colonies: “Our houses and bed chambers are exposed and ransacked, our boxes, chests and trunks broke open … flagrant exercise of this (new) power have frequently happened.”

Other practitioners of such government abuse include Roman domination over Judea, the Soviet Union KGB, Communist China and Nazi Germany.

The USA Patriot Act became law in October 2001. To government advantage, Section 213 empowers investigators to delay giving notice when conducting searches and now can enter your house without a warrant, with the house unoccupied, search and seize property, take photographs, and not tell you until later.

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 41 (d) requires government agents to “leave a copy and receipt at the place from where the property was taken,” but no more under the new law.

Summoned to court, defendants could have no idea what “evidence” government agents took from their homes, but still must explain why the government has their things!

Boston University law professor Tracey Maclin said in the November 2001 National Law Journal that these secret government break-ins “can apply to any intrusion (now),” not just for alleged terrorist activity, and it’s permanently law.

The colonists knew the Fourth Amendment validated the Constitution and differentiated the United States from the tyrannical nations, and so 15 years after the “general writ of assistance,” they declared independence from the terrorists – their ruling king and government.

Thomas M. “Zeke” Tafoya


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