The price of truth is high |

The price of truth is high

Does the truth matter any more? My son, Frank Santos Jr., was the Placerville police officer that was accused of elder abuse. You may remember seeing him on the front page of The Union or Channel 3 news. Let me tell you the real story, since you will be deciding his fate.

Frank had been a loyal friend to Florence Pena since he was a teen-ager. When her health started to fail, she approached him to help her get her affairs in order. Long before Frank came into the picture, she had cut ties with her family. She told Frank he was the only person she trusted to look after her. He arranged for her in- home care and oversaw all of her affairs. As her health declined, he found a care facility in Auburn that could provide the 24-hour care she needed. Frank then went to Nevada County Adult and Family Services to guarantee Florence would continue to receive the care she needed.

They told him that in order for her to qualify for Medi-Cal, some of her assets would have to be spent down. They gave him the guidelines so he could legally spend down her assets. They guided him through the process, including the purchase of a vehicle. The county continues to give the same guidelines today; spending-down is a common practice statewide.

At the Dec. 7 hearing, an attorney that specializes in elder law testified that Frank had followed the spend-down guidelines and no laws had been broken. He testified that he advises his clients to follow the same guidelines. I truly believed once the truth was out, this nightmare would end. Jim Phillips, with the district attorney’s office, wouldn’t accept the truth. I don’t pretend to know his motivation, but it isn’t finding out the truth. So now in April it goes to trial. It will cost the taxpayers in excess of $50,000. At least Frank’s peers will have no political motivations behind their decision.

I wonder how many innocent people Jim Phillips has filed against and how much of the taxpayers’ money has been wasted on unnecessary trials?

Connie Santos

Nevada City

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