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The mural flap

Steve Ford

The proposed mural has been the subject or victim, if you will, of abundant public comment. I’m basically a simple person, and so I’m trying to simplify the situation by removing all the rhetoric. My thoughts are:

• The current proposal is unpopular but the negative comments should be about the content of the proposed mural and not about the artist.

• The general populous should be offered a formal opportunity to suggest content, or offer constructive criticism, other than letters to the editor.

• Because of high profile exposure, the City Council has jurisdiction over the content of the mural.

• There is a committee for the City Council which should represent the general populous in a majority rules type of society.

• If the committee does its job, any proposal that reaches the City Council, for approval, should have very little need for further discussion.

• The expense of the mural project is to come from donations, and people do not donate to things they do not like.

By the way, my constructive criticism is … whatever is on the mural should be simple and of a content to view and entertain, without being a distraction, while driving on a freeway.

Steve Ford

Grass Valley


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