The heart of a Red Hat lady beats within |

The heart of a Red Hat lady beats within

I’m responding to the “Other Voices” article written by Lucille Lovestedt in the Saturday, March 8, edition of The Union. Lucille sounds like she is already a member of the Red Hat Society!

The fact that she is thinking of breaking out of her comfortable beige existence by wanting to purchase a flamboyant pink, red, orange skirt, tells me that within her beats the heart of a Red Hat lady.

The very colors of our “uniform,” a festive red and (gasp!) purple together says that we all about fun and for one day, not taking ourselves too seriously. Our younger members, under 50 years of age, are dressed in lavender and pink until they become of age to wear the royal colors.

While some Red Hat ladies might occasionally become a tiny bit obnoxious in public, most of us are well behaved women who enjoy each other’s company, breaking away from our usual daily lives of household family responsibilities or other obligations for a few hours.

We sometimes dress up in flashy, silly clothing and “over the top” gaudy jewelry, reliving our childhood days of playing dress up in our mom’s cast-off clothing. Some chapters choose to have projects, but that is not the purpose of the Red Hat Society.

The purpose is for ladies such as Lucille to break out of their usual routines, to just enjoy life and to meet new like-minded women in our area. We are a wonderful support system for each other, sharing our joys and sometimes our sorrows with each other.

If Lucille would like to visit a local Red Hat Society Chapter, our group would be glad to welcome her to one of our gatherings. If she no longer drives, I would be glad to arrange for someone to pick her up. She would not be the oldest member as our Queen Mum is 89 years old, and she certainly would wear a pink, red and orange skirt if she had one!

Please, Lucille, contact me if you are interested in joining our ladies for an afternoon of fun. I’ll even supply you with a red hat, if you don’t own one. We’d be honored to have you.


Carlotta Wixon, queen of the Sierra Sirens Chapter, lives in Grass Valley.

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