The Great Pretender |

The Great Pretender

This is a great place to vent, thanks.

Many of us in Nevada County don’t believe there is ever a time for a government entity to waste our money.

I have never agreed with the price tag Mr. Gaebler came with, but I don’t ever remember being consulted. So far I have not been able to find anyone who was, except of course those that had their butts in a bind in the board room.

Does anyone remember “The Great Pretender”? Yes, he was the one who pretended to be a doctor, lawyer, actor or whatever someone was looking for at the time. The ability to present himself to be just what was needed, and the more costly the better!

This, my friends, was Mr. Gaebler. Ask yourself: Has he done anything about taxes, sheriff pay/contracts, working conditions for his lower-level workers, their pay, affordable housing, legal system?

Where have all the timely reports gone he promised?

Hmmm, could it be to Placer County? Is he thinking about Nevada County’s “little people”? I, for one, object to paying for this adult party, no matter where it was held, and out-of-county just adds salt to the bleeding cut. I bet any one of the people who actually put their life on the line for us every day could use this “grand party” money to help feed their family and friends in need. Maybe even feed a one-legged frog.

I guess in everyone’s lifetime there is a period of time embedded in the memory bank, and I am adding 2000, 2001 and now 2002 to mine. NH 2020, no matter what side you happen to be on, is downright robbery to anyone that happens to cross the county line to enter, but we should not forget the adult party and the price tag for a “fix it.”

Lessie Diffey

Penn Valley

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