The government won’t fix it; get involved |

The government won’t fix it; get involved

Linda Nunes’ letter as published in The Union on Sept. 7 in response to my letter on liberalism is correct in that I forgot to include that I, too, accept the principal that it would be better if we all ask what could we do for our country; not what can the government do for us.

Doles, though sometimes necessary, never solve the basic problem for a dole makes the recipient dependent and not self-sufficient. Our government could learn something from The Heifer Program which has activities all over the world assisting people in learning how to take care of themselves without a dole. This program was started in helping war-torn Europe get back on its feet after World War II.

It is true that the government can do little really constructive without the support of the people. We can see this in the two most important ways our country has become more democratic during my lifetime is the liberation of women and African-Americans. This was done by nonviolent direct action of many people and not initiated by governmental decree. What the government can do is dependent on the people.

On the other hand, the greatest threat to our democracy is the growth and power of the industrial military complex as we were warned by Eisenhower. With the freedom to do whatever maximizes profits and pays exorbitant salaries and with no concern about what happens to the economy or the environment we are left with unemployment and wars while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We cannot expect the government to solve this problem for the people on top who make these decisions and reap the benefits are happy where they are.

So don’t sit back and expect things to get better. Get involved.

Harold Blickenstaff

Nevada City

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